Natural Body Spa and Shop wins Spa of the Year Award

Natural Body Spa and Shop, which has two locations in Cobb County, has won the Green Spa Network’s 2016 Sustainable Multi-Location Spa of the Year Award. The award says, “Natural Body was selected for investing in the pursuit of progress towards a sustainable future and achieving outstanding accomplishments through their leadership, innovation, and dedication.”  The […]

Make It a Natural Body Holiday!

  A spa gift certificate from Natural Body opens up a bounty of options for that special someone who receives it. More than ever, people are seeking experiences that make us feel better and touch us (literally) in ways that

10 Ways to Instantly (well, almost instantly) De-Stress

These are so simple, you have probably thought of them yourself – or maybe you have just temporarily forgotten them. Sometimes you have to be reminded of the most basic things. If it helps, we suggest set a reminder in your phone calendar, to prompt you. “#1 Take a Walk – The easiest way to to […]

The ZZzz’s you’ve been dreaming of…

The advantages of taking a bath have been known since ancient times. In fact, Kneipp’s founder, Sebatian Kneipp, popularized hydrotherapy methods in the 1800’s! The benefits of warm water combined with healing plants and herbs, can be especially beneficial at bedtime. A warm/ hot bath taken at bedtime helps to relax tired, sore muscles and […]

New Year Detox Alternatives

Do you have a New Year detox or cleanse planned? Not so fast. The beginning of a new year seems like the best time to turn over a new leaf and purge all of those holiday indulgences that may have left you feeling tired and sluggish. But before you gear up to do a New […]

10 Oils for Clear, Glowing Skin

The word has been out on oils for a few years now, and this is a great set of recommendations from Dr Trevor Cates. The skin knows what it needs and will not let natural oils build up and cause problems – it takes what it needs, and lets the rest fall away. “In the […]

Don’t Let Holiday Stress Hijack Your Health

While it’s called the “season of joy,” this time of year can be hectic and taxing. Holiday shopping, traveling and visiting family adds stress that can negatively impact an individual’s health and well-being. Research shows that massage therapy can help reduce stress and improve your overall health this holiday season and all year-round.  Cope With Holiday Stress […]

How To Get Better Beauty Sleep

Here is a pretty comprehensive look at what sleep does for you, what might keep you from getting your best rest, and some habits to put into place to allow you to push off into dreamland more easily, courtesy of Dr. Trevor Cates. Remember, it takes weeks for new behaviors to become habits, so if it’s […]

A Message About Deep Listening

Alice Franklin shares a short video clip from Thich Nhat Hanh, as he talks with Oprah about compassionate listening – deep listening – to overcome difficult encounters and help relieve the suffering of others. We have to be listeners every day to hear the needs of our clients, in order to perform what is really a […]

Healthy Travel Tips

Some people say that everyday rules don’t apply on vacation. Sometimes it’s a matter of being out of your routine and being away from your products that cause this to happen. Having fun on a getaway doesn’t mean you can’t still make good, healthful decisions, and it also doesn’t mean that you have to compromise […]

Comfy Cozy Gift Ideas

Warming Joy says it all. Put a collection of teas, cups and a stylish pot together for a smart and memorable gift.       The white snowflake on blue ceramic sets the season, and the cozy flavors of the Single Steep Sampler provide a calm and warming tea experience. The single steep collection includes 12-15 servings […]

Chavez for Charity

Julie Marie Chavez has created a win-win business situation.  Sales of her bracelets generate donations to the following charities. Next time you are in, pick up a couple – they are selling like hotcakes! Partners in Health – – providing healthcare to those in poverty Alex’s Lemonade Stand – – fighting childhood cancer V-DAY – – stopping […]

Remember the Storm, and What You Learned

Events – sometimes stormy – are fleeting; these words from Alice remind us to add intention to those events. “No one gets through life without being challenged. It’s the best way to grow and change. In general, storms do pass, even as you worry this will never end. In the midst of a storm, it’s […]

Natural Liposome Technology

It’s becoming more and more common to use the words ‘natural’ and ‘technology’ in the same sentence. From skincare innovators Jurlique, comes the Nutri-Define collection of products that are designed as ‘age-reclaiming’, proven to smooth out the texture, even out the tone and increase dramatically the hydration of mature skin. NEW Scientific breakthrough Biosome5 technology Biosome5 technology* […]

Natural Body Spa and Shop, with our Commitment to “Natural”, Recognized as a Top Ten Organic Spa of 2014

Natural Body has been natural long before it became the mainstream thing to do. In 1989, Cici Coffee started the first Natural Body to provide natural and nurturing services and products to her clients, while helping the environment. Over two decades later this vision is stronger than ever. We are very proud that Organic Spa […]

Increasing Awareness Leads to Indoor Tanning Bans

It takes 2 important steps to safeguard our health – the science needs to be there, and the education of the consumer needs to be clear. With growing evidence of the dangers of UV radiation, tanning is becoming less a mark of beauty, and more a mark of denial. Suncare protection is about prevention. There […]

No Yin Without Yang

Is this message saying that you are never free of your dark side? I prefer for it to help me remember that you just can’t have the yin in life without the yang. No light without dark. No soft without hard and no cold without hot. No quiet without noise, and on and on… If […]

11 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Sunscreen

Some of these are obvious, and really, just takes a few extra minutes to take care of – and the benefits will last years! 1. Skimping on it If you’ll be spending all day in direct sunlight, you need to apply a shot glass size of sunscreen in the morning. Then, be sure to reapply […]

Urban Design Awards Right in Our Backyard

Here on Zonolite, we have a diamond in the rough called Nickel Bottom Community Garden – over the past few years it’s gone from a mucky blight to a designed greenspace connected to a creekside trail that goes all the way to Lindbergh Station. It’s become a draw for people and creatures alike. Yesterday a […]

The Woman in the Mirror

From time to time, we’d like to share the messages of some of the many voices in our world, in the hopes that sharing their message and the lessons they learn on their life journey will help you on yours. Courtney Morrison is an every-mom who takes time on her blog to think of the […]

Restoring Balance Year-Round

March Wellness: Abhyanga Self-Massage (1–10 minutes) After dry skin body brushing, perform this self-massage, which nourishes the tissues, improves circulation and increases body awareness. Preparation Dispense your favorite Aveda Composition or massage oil into a two-ounce applicator bottle. Full-Body Abhyanga Self-Massage (5–10 minutes) • Apply the Composition directly to your scalp. Using the palms of […]

Love Goals

Making the important recognition that healthy relationships are not comprised of two halves but rather two whole people, wholly devoted to creating a container that allows each person the space to be themselves is the beginning of the work.  This work is a gradual process that responds best to how we set our daily intentions. […]

3 Ways to Become More Human

“When it’s over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement. I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.” -Mary Oliver A good friend of mine recently told me that her resolution for this year was to become more human. She laughed as she shared the story […]

Meditation Class Recommendation

Introduction to Meditation Facilitated by Becky Butler, LCSW Friday February 7 (7-9p) & Saturday February 8 (10a-3:30p), 2014 This blend of Buddhist and Taoist meditation practice helps quiet the mind and heightens our awareness of the energies that move within us.  It gives us a means of working with emotions that arise and allows us […]

10-Day Health Challenge, by Dr Taz

DAY 10: DON’T EAT/BUY ANY PREPARED FOOD Very few Americans cook consistently and often find themselves buying lunch or a snack outside of the home. Eat in for at least 1 full day. Wake up less bloated, more energized, and healthier! This 10-day health challenge will hopefully force you to cultivate new habits in the […]

10-Day Health Challenge, by Dr Taz

DAY 9: SLEEP Are you used to 5 hours of sleep per night? We have all become warriors, used to skimping sleep. Have you tried sleeping 8-9 hours consistently? It feels great!!! Take one day (night) to really sleep and watch your energy soar! Children need 10 hrs. per night (minimum). -Dr. Taz Bhatia MD, […]

10-Day Health Challenge, by Dr Taz

DAY 8: FEED YOUR SOUL New Year’s resolutions are often about losing weight or changing addictive habits. These obstacles are often the result of a spiritual disconnect that we all then try to refuel with food, bad habits or destructive behaviors. Feed your soul instead. A short, daily meditation practice, regular prayer and journaling can […]

10-Day Health Challenge, by Dr Taz

DAY 7: GET A MASSAGE Massage aids in detoxification by stimulating lymph flow. It also lowers cortisol, shifting the body into a more healing mode. Massage, acupuncture, and yoga are all wonderful modalities to help your body naturally detoxify and revive. Try acupressure on your children or use a small amount of warmed sesame or […]

10-Day Health Challenge, by Dr Taz

DAY 6: REMOVE MEAT As a country, we often eat a lot of meat. Take one day to remove meat completely from your diet. Focus on eating fruits and vegetables instead, encouraging your kids to do the same. -Dr. Taz Bhatia MD, a board certified physician, Founder and Medical Director of the nationally recognized Atlanta […]

10-Day Health Challenge, by Dr Taz

DAY 5: REMOVE DAIRY We already tackled sugar, next is dairy. Most Americans over consume dairy products. Go dairy free for a day to give your body a break. -Dr. Taz Bhatia MD, a board certified physician, Founder and Medical Director of the nationally recognized Atlanta Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine is a highly […]

10-Day Health Challenge, by Dr Taz

DAY 4: MOVE Try moving for 10 minutes continuously at least 3 times per day. Fun activities include racing up and down stairs, walking, dance parties or just old-fashioned exercises like jumping jacks and jump rope. -Dr. Taz Bhatia MD, a board certified physician, Founder and Medical Director of the nationally recognized Atlanta Center for […]

10-Day Health Challenge, by Dr Taz

DAY 3: TRY JUICING Juicing is always a great method of getting a powerhouse of antioxidants. Create a family favorite juice by combining favorite fruits and vegetables. For adults, skip one day of eating and just juice. For children, have them drink at least 2 cups of this juice per day. -Dr. Taz Bhatia MD, […]

10-Day Health Challenge, by Dr Taz

DAY 2: REMOVE SUGAR This may sound like an easy step, but remember, sugar is everywhere. Remove sweetened drinks, yogurts and packaged foods, especially those loaded with sugar. Look at labels to determine sugar content. For many of us, most of the sugar is in the form of creamers for tea/coffee, chocolate, and processed foods. […]

10-Day Health Challenge, by Dr Taz

I know you all have your lists of resolutions, but I invite you all to begin my 10-Day New Year challenge. The New Year is a great time to cultivate new habits and start with a clean slate. For many of us, the weeks of holiday parties and festivities have also meant lots of unhealthy […]

Restoring Balance Year-Round

January is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. We invite you on a year-long journey to enliven your sense of health and well-being. Because it takes 30 days to make a new habit, every Spa Quarterly newsletter will introduce you to three new wellness practices—one for each month. We invite you to integrate […]

You Glow Girl!

By Gerilyn Flaxman This time of year my skin just cringes at the sound of the flame lighting up in my furnace! The weather outside might be frightful but the fire inside (my furnace) is de-hydrating!  Cracked lips, brittle hair, and flakey skin, are not the best look to have when you’re standing next to […]

Managing Holiday Stress, from Dr. Taz, MD

The holidays are a magical time of year. It is a time of the year to celebrate peace, joy and love. It is when we can take time from our busy lives to enjoy the company of our families. At least this is what all the magazines, movies, and commercials for ham tell us the […]

“I’m still feeling great….”

Wow Robin, I can’t believe it’s been over 3 months and I have not had to reach for the Prilosec! I am excited to report that I have 3 categorical take-aways from my sessions with you that will be with me now for life.  The first and most important one is smaller portions at every […]

100 Days Post LEAP without Acid Reflux

Wow Robin, I can’t believe it’s been over three months and I have not had to reach for the Prilosec! I am excited to report that I have three categorical take a ways from my sessions with you that will be with me now for life. The first and most important one is smaller portions […]

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